Maleka Taylor

A West Aussie born and bred, I spent the first 21 years of my life in the most isolated city in the world, Perth. After months of late nights and 4am finishes, I completed my University Degree and with portfolio in hand, hit the pavement... only to be told "Sorry, when we hire art directors, we hire hot-shots from over East".

There was only one thing for it, I packed my bags and moved 'over East' to Melbourne. "Fine. Hire me from here!!"

Having kick-started my career in Melbourne's creative advertising and publishing industries, I soon became excited by the potential of the Internet and joined an emerging new generation of Web Designers.

My skill as a Digital Designer and Front-end Developer has grown with each new release, online advancement and trend. I thrive on change and it's endless possibility. Now more than ever, having made London my home.